Switchme Commercial Services.

If your business Time-of-Use agreement with your existing supplier is up for renewal, you are not obligated to automatically renew this contract. You are entitled to seek tender from alternate retailers to negotiate the best deal possible for your business.

TOU pricing can be complex and difficult to forecast costs and comparative competitiveness. With the difference between a good offer and a standard renewal offer potentially being in the thousands of dollars annually, it pays to get an industry expert to complete a tender process and negotiate on your behalf. Switchme ensure that you are receiving the best offers possible at the best terms.

  • CONSULT - Our commercial specialist will discuss your needs before submitting your tender
  • QUOTE - Switchme will distribute an RFP to all energy retailers to supply your business
  • COMPARE - Switchme will compare offers received and deliver a full report
  • NEGOTIATE - Switchme will negotiate contract terms and price with your preferred retailer
  • SWITCH & SAVE - Our team will submit and manage any switch activity to completion.

Switchme have relationships with all New Zealand energy retailers which means we can provide you with the most comprehensive commercial service for your business.

Switchme's commercial team are all energy industry experts with extensive knowledge in commercial pricing, commercial contracts and commercial negotiation. Give them a call for a free and confidential consultation.

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