Strain of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to New Zealand’s Electricity Network could affect pricing.

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) add Strain to New Zealand’s Electricity Network

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand, a potential new strain has been added to the country’s electricity network.

One in 15 Auckland households is predicted to have an electric vehicle within three years, which worries network companies and could affect pricing.

Vector’s Newly Released “Green Paper”

Lines company Vector’s recently released green paper suggests that New Zealand needs to create a solid strategy to deal with the country’s uptake of EVs.

The company is especially concerned that suburban homes requiring EV charging would add an additional strain to the electricity network. When electricity networks were originally created, they were based on the number of homes on the street. Since a big-battery EV adds the equivalent of one to 20 houses’ power needs, there could be electricity network problems if the use of EVs continues to grow.

Even if EVs do not continue to increase in popularity, Vector states that there could still be problems. If current EV owners charge during peak time or use faster-charging options, extra strain could be put on the network. Since many owners decide to charge their cars after getting home after work (at the same time that households use appliances to cook), the supply of electricity could become compromised.

Suggestions to Help with the Strain

Concept Consulting, which has previously argued that EVs are better for the New Zealand environment than solar power, suggests a potential solution.

If electricity networks offered a more cost-effective time-of-use pricing model, less strain could be put on the network. For example, EV owners could be motivated to charge their cars after 9 pm if a better pricing model was offered.

Some electricity companies have already been offering cheaper pricing for EV owners that charge their vehicles overnight – but more are needed to make a difference.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

It’s worthwhile to solve the issue regarding the strain on the electricity network, as EVs offer Kiwis numerous benefits!

Not only are EVs cheaper to run and maintain, but they offer numerous environmental and health benefits. EVs have zero exhaust emissions, can be created using eco-friendly materials and offer the option for charging with renewable energy.

The better air quality created means fewer health problems and costs associated with air pollution.

In addition, less noise pollution is produced by EVs as compared to petrol/diesel vehicles.

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