NZ Power Companies

Switchme has worked hard to collate information about all New Zealand energy retailers. This will enable you to make an informed decision to meet your energy needs.

See more about the power companies below to find out more information before you make your switch. Including Switchme latest deals, offers, solar buy back rates, renewable energy and much more

If you require help over the phone, please contact Switchme directly 0800 179 482 or email us at - We’re always here to help you compare power companies and switch to a better deal.

Genesis Energy

  • Deals: $50 Welcome credit is the current deal on the Switchme website
  • Switchme is the best place to compare Genesis Energy. They offer electricity and gas plans and deals. They allow you to manage your account online through their custom App
  • Genesis Energy sells electricity, 45kg LPG gas bottles and natural gas via its retailer brands, including Frank Energy (previously Energy Online). They are New Zealand's largest power companies, supplying around 500,000 customers through

Genesis Energy solar buyback rate: (as of the 12th Jan 2022) Genesis offer 12c/kWh for electricity exported back to the grid

  • Couple of FAQs
    • Where can I find my ICP number on my Genesis Energy bill? Your ICP is the Identity number of your meter. This can be found on the top right hand corner on page 2 of your Genesis Energy bill.
    • If you are looking for fixed energy pricing for 12 months, Genesis allows you to lock in your rates on an Energy Plus or Energy Basic plan
    • If your moving into a house short term or maybe renting, or uncertain what the next 12 months will bring, there are flexible pricing plans. The Energy Plus plan, with no fees if you move or cancel at anytime

Gas bottle pricing

    • If you have your electricity with Genesis Energy you'll receive a dual fuel additional 5% discount and your monthly rental charges, also your 45kg gas bottle refills.
    • You only have one bill that will include your household electricity charges.
  • Natural Gas with Genesis Energy

    • If you signup your electricity and natural gas you’ll receive an extra 5% (dual fuel) discount and the added benefit of both fuels on one-bill


Current Switchme Deal: $200 welcome credit with a 2 year, fixed price commitment.

Meridian solar buy back rate

lectricity at a rate of 8 cents per kWh

Meridian are New Zealand’s largest generator of 100% renewable energy that they harness from the wind, water and sun. They are a well-known and trusted brand who has been supplying New Zealander’s households and businesses for 20 years.

Meridian recognise that people’s supply needs are different so they offer flexible or fixed term contracts and currently have on offer a $200 credit through our Switchme site for those choosing a 2 year fixed contract and a $75 credit for a 1 year fixed contract.

Meridian are flexible in regards to paying your invoice - they give you the choice to pay your bill when you want – weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Meridian is identified on the NZX and ASX, as one of New Zealand’s largest listed companies. Meridian employs around 1,000 people across New Zealand and Australia. The New Zealand Government is Meridian’s majority shareholder at 51%.

Meridian support the Department of Conservation Ka?ka?po? Recovery Programme, help support and provide opportunities for young Kiwis with KidsCan, and align themself with grassroot community projects with their Power Up fund.

Mercury Energy

Current Switchme Deal: 2 year contract will get a $200 welcome credit or $75 for a one year commitment

Generate electricity from 100% renewable sources – hydro, geothermal, and coming very soon, wind. See more information on the Mercury Energy website

Their electricity retail brands are Mercury and GLOBUG.

Mercury are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange with foreign exempt listed status - listed on both exchanges with the ticker symbol ‘MCY’. The New Zealand Government holds a 51% shareholding in the Company.

Mercury offer some great rewards such as Free Power Day’s. Airpoints can be accrued - earn where you spend - Not only can you earn Airpoints Dollars™ with Mercury but you can also earn on your everyday spend. They have over 50 Airpoints™ partners, so many opportunities are available for customers. Mercury have a great App - Track and keep an eye on your usage, pay your bill, check your balance—you can easily manage your account on this app. You can also earn rewards with every challenge you take, new customers signing up for a 2 year contract will get a $200 welcome credit.

Guided by sustainability in regards to the environment and upholding Kaitiakikanga, guardianship and protection, business sustainability in relation to ensuring that their business thrives and is around for many years to come, committed to helping their customers create their own solar energy at home.


Current Switchme Deal: $150 signup credit. The is spread over 12 months. First bill will have a $25 discount

Powershop Solar buy back rate is currently 8.5 cents per kilowatt

Owned by Meridian and 100% green.

Instead of only paying for your electricity when you get a bill, Powershop have an online shop you can buy ‘packs’ of power as you please and you can collect savings with every purchase. They have a mobile app that is easy for customers to use.

Powershop have no fixed term contracts. You can leave their service anytime without penalty or exit fees.

With Powershop you can choose how and when you pay. You also have the flexibility of being able to change how and when you pay. They pride themselves on being flexible and easy to use.

Powershops customer service crew is in the Wairarapa town of Masterton. They are quick to respond and offer an efficient service and help.


Current Switchme Deal: No offer or incentive at this time.

Trust Power Solar buy back rate: 7c per kilowatt

Trustpower dates back to Tauranga’s first power station in 1915. They have grown into being one of New Zealand’s largest energy and telecommunications companies. Trustpower are committed to seeking new opportunities, from developing irrigation schemes, to extending their Ultra Fast Broadband internet services.

Trustpower supply electricity, gas, broadband and mobile services. They offer duel fuel and bundle packages.

Solar Buddies is a scheme for Trustpower customers who have Solar Panels. Sometimes you may produce more power than you can use. If you don't have storage capacity, your only current option is to sell this surplus power back to your energy supplier at market buy back rates (at present 7c per unit* for Trustpower customers). With Solar Buddies™, instead of selling your extra power to your energy supplier, you can sell it to people you note as being "buddies" at a rate you agree with them, for instance *1 unit = 1 kilowatt, hour (kWh)

Electric Kiwi

Independent Kiwi power company who began operating in 2014

Electric Kiwi built their own online systems and smart tech helps them to be efficient. All aspects of their business is online. They provide online live chat systems. Electric Kiwi’s team is based in their Auckland office, and are available and ready to help with any queries via live chat, social media or email. Electric Kiwi’s customers can also request a callback

Electric Kiwi guarantee savings, no contracts and an hour of free off-peak power every day

Broadband - Available now for existing Electric Kiwi customers, with the first month on free. Fast speeds, low prices

Recipients of Consumer, Canstar Blue and Readers Digest customer service awards.

Electric Kiwi offer - Move Master = Better off-peak power rates and half price at night (11pm-7am). Moving power off-peak can decrease impact on the environment and New Zealand’s infrastructure. On this plan you can save money too.

Electric Kiwi offer a solar buy back option. All Electric Kiwi plans offer a solar buyback rate. If you're on the MoveMaster plan you'll receive a huge 12.5c/kWh buyback rate, or 8c/kWh on our other plans).

Have a mobile app to assist with your navigation of their supply to you

Pulse Energy

  • Pulse Energy is a community owned electricity, gas and solar supplier offering energy and broadband plans to households and businesses throughout NZ.
  • Pulse Energy offer their customers a low price up front and no long term contracts - you have the freedom to switch to another retailer, free of charge by providing 30 days' notice.
  • They currently have new unlimited Broadband plans and bundle opportunities for customers.
  • By combining your electricity and gas account you will receive Pulse’s All Energy Discount.
  • Pulse Energy have My Account - this allows our customers to keep track of their power bills and make payments online. This is an environmentally friendly option to keep track of your account.
  • In 2016 after a takeover by majority shareholder Buller Electricity and Pioneer Energy, Pulse Energy was delisted from the NZX. It is now community owned with origins in Alexandra, Westport, and Levin.
  • Pulse Energy have a competitive pricing plan. They do not have a prompt payment discount as they have already built this into their pricing.
  • Alongside partner solarcity, Pulse are now offering a new energy service called solarZero®. It provides an opportunity for electricity customers to have access to solar power, home automation and batteries under one simple energy supply arrangement.
  • Pulse energy provide an efficient New Zealand based call service.

Flick Electric

Independent kiwi company

No fixed term contracts or exit fees

Flick have an award-winning, human customer service team based in Wellington, who are contactable six days a week. Flick received the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award 2021 and Consumer NZ Energy Retailer of the Year 2021

Contact Energy

Contact Energy is one of our countries leading suppliers of electricity, natural gas, broadband, solar and renewable energy sources.

Contact Energy Broadband Price:

Contact has a current online offer of unlimited broadband from $59.99 a month when combined with energy on a Broadband Bundle plan. Kiwis have voted Contact as being one of the most trusted gas and electricity suppliers, as sighted and stated in the 2021 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey.

Contact is a sustainable energy supplier - they are committed to and deeply invested in New Zealand’s environmental, social and economic wellbeing. Over 80% of Contact’s generation is from renewable sources. Contact Energy have reduced emissions by 59% since 2012 and planted over 25,000 native plants in the last year as a commitment to the environment and New Zealand as a whole.

This page was last updated on the 12th January 2022