Compare Broadband Plans

Switchme have been comparing electricity and gas prices for over 10 years. We’ve helped almost 100,000 customers save money by switching them to better deals, saving our users millions of dollars

  • Now its time we also focus on another great product – a broadband compare service!
  • We are very close to launching this product one the site, in the meantime space add your details below to get notified when the broadband comparison service goes live (hopefully very soon)

How will this new broadband comparison service work?

  • Switchme is always a completely free service! We help you save time and money by making it easy to compare broadband deals and find the best one for your house, business or farm.
  • We’ll be showing bundled packages (electricity + broadband) on the site. Often having one bill for both can be useful
  • Our broadband offers are supplied direct from each company, so the pricing is accurate
  • Signing up to a deal is easy! Once you’ve found a wifi offer that suits your needs add your details and the provider will be in touch ASAP

Compare Broadband Deals

Find a broadband deal that’s best for you

Having a good internet connection is more important than ever, whether you use it for general browsing, checking social media, streaming videos, or working from home – we’ll help find the cheapest and best and deal for you

Your guide to broadband comparison

We know it can be difficult choosing the right broadband package or provider. This is where our easy-to-use broadband comparison solution will help make your next broadband purchase easy and stress-free.

Compare broadband packages

To find the best broadband package for your household, you can filter all of our deals according to popularity, speed, download allowance, bundle availability, broadband provider, contract length and price. It's also important to bear in mind the following when browsing broadband packages from the best internet providers:

Broadband availability: Very few areas of the NZ have access to every broadband package on the market. We make it easy to work out what offers you have in your location. Enter your address into our broadband comparison tool to find out what's available in your area.

Broadband and electricity deals: Broadband and power could benefit you greatly as they help you bundle them into a single monthly bill. Chat to us if you unsure about contract lengths, welcome credits, break fees etc. We have a friendly team that can provide this advice. Please call us on 0800 179 482

Type of connection: There is a range of copper ADSL, fibre, fibre-optic, cable and mobile broadband options. Each of which have a few pros and cons. You can find out more information below or call our team.

How do I choose which broadband deal is best for me?

Whether you’re looking for a broadband options or deal for the first time, or you’re thinking about switching suppliers, there are various factors to consider when comparing providers and deals. There’s almost always a better price available if you shop around.

The main factors you should be considering when deciding between broadband providers are:

Speed: Your connection speed is one of the most important factors, especially if you stream a lot of content, working from home, have a lot of people in your household or play games online

Usage: Many providers offer unlimited downloads for home broadband, but not all – if you’re a heavy user, of think you might be, make sure to check for any download limitations

Monthly /Set-up Costs: Often the major factor when choosing a broadband deal. A great monthly rate may not offer everything you’re looking for. Switchme helps shopping around to find the perfect broadband package and plan for your individual circumstances (office, home, farm etc) at the best possible price

When you find a new provider, or if your current provider is offering an upgrade to your services, you might receive new setup items. This could be partly or completely subsidised by your provider, but this isn’t always the case – you may have to pay extra for the new modem etc

Availability: some connection types aren’t available in every location across New Zealand. Switchme make it easy to see the deals in your area. Simply add your address to see all the options

Good customer service: Its often beneficial to read customer reviews to give you an idea of a provider’s customer service. If you were to experience any service outages or lower than expected speeds, its important to have the ability to phone in and troubleshoot the issue

Contract length: Most broadband contracts are 12-month deals, but it’s always important to check, so that you’re not committing yourself to a longer term than expected. This will make switching more difficult in the future

Welcome Credits or Signup Bonuses: Many broadband companies come with tempting incentives like the first few months free or a TV or etc – It’s always important you consider whether these are as important as factors such as speed and cost

What are the broadband options in New Zealand?

There are many options depending on your broadband needs: DSL, Fibre, Cable, Mobile, Fixed wireless, satellite, Dial-up

The government’s fast fibre broadband plan was rolled-out to 97.8% of all kiwi’s by the end of 2019. Recognising that all New Zealander’s in this day and age are entitled to and should have access to fast internet.

What types of broadband are there?

Broadband comes in a myriad of forms! The area/region where you live however determines availability of what service you can access. The most popular and common types of broadband are: ADSL: the most simple, basic and well-known type of broadband internet connection. ADSL works over the same technology as your landline phone. It’s the least expensive and slowest connection of the three main types of fixed-line broadband available to buy for your household/business. Fibre: Much faster than ADSL and yields a more consistent and stable performance. It is generally more expensive than ADSL. Fibre is not available or accessible everywhere in New Zealand, but as technology changes providers ability to expand their network availability is rapidly growing and ever-progressing. Fibre optic broadband comes in two types: Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP).

What other services can you get with broadband?

Broadband suppliers also provide other services in conjunction with broadband, including phone and/or television packages. Combining your services into bundles can at times prove to be cheaper, as your provider may offer a discount or bonuses/rewards if you go for this option. To ensure you are getting the best deal it is a good idea to compare your choices. Common tariff types are as follows: Prices can generally range from between $50 to $100 plus per month, depending on the broadband service and provider you choose.

Here at we can take the hassle out of researching and trying to find the best broadband deal for your needs – Prompt service and signup guaranteed within minutes! Give us a call on 0800 179 482 – our aim is to provide an easy, friendly and quick stress-free service

What is a good broadband deal?

It entirely depends on your needs and what you require from the broadband service you choose. The cheapest or fastest connection may not necessarily provide you or your family/business with the best option to suit your usage. Such as, If you use the internet occasionally for email or social media, the preferred broadband deal would probably be the least expensive one you could find. If you are a gaming household, enjoy Netflix viewing frequently, have 1 or 2 children, work from home and so forth, an effective broadband deal could be one that provides the most consistent and reliable connection and faster internet speed. Looking to the future however, the needs of your household can change over time, which means that whatever provides the best broadband package for you right now, may not fit your needs further down the line or when your contract expires. It is a good idea to consider the following questions when determining your broadband needs: What will you be using the internet for? How often/frequently will you be online? What else would you like to add to your broadband package eg TV bundles, landline calls, mobile phone contracts? What do you want to steer clear of in regards to broadband options? You can call on 0800 179 482 and we can listen to your broadband needs and compare suppliers and provide you with the best-fit packages/deal to suit you. It’s that easy! You can also go to, follow the simple prompts, and look at broadband comparisons and quotes yourself. We are here to make the process as easy and seamless as possible!

How to compare broadband deals

Here are a few things to contemplate when you compare broadband deals for your household or business:

Find the monthly price - The first thing that seems the most important point for consumers when comparing internet deals, will be the price. Also, if you have completed your initial contract, you'll likely be paying out-of-contract fees, so a new broadband deal will most likely be less expensive than your current one. You probably committed to a fixed-term contract when you signed up with your current provider. These generally last between 12-24 months, more often than not. When your contract time comes to an end, your provider may raise the price you pay by a considerable amount.— Here at we don’t want you to be in this situation – call us on 0800 179 482 straight away so we can do some comparisons, find new deals, and hopefully save you some time and costs! Our aim is to save you money by switching. We are quickly and effectively able to provide you with a range of competitive broadband deals, with great-value offers and exclusives.

End of contract notifications It’s very important to know when/if you've finished your fixed-term broadband contract, as you might be paying more than you’d thought or should be. If you don’t remember when your contract began, it’s solvable and not an issue.

Broadband providers should remind you when your contract is finishing — or to let you know if you're already out of contract — the aim being to help you avoid paying more than you should for your broadband supply. The notification you receive from your current provider must also outline an offer of similar deals that the provider currently has available. Sometimes these offers may not better others that are on the market from different providers. Customers should browse deals from a range of providers before determining which deal to go with, the first one you look at may not be the best. Hence, again, that’s where we at Switchme come in – we can do the ‘leg work’ for you and make the process uncomplicated and easy!

Compare broadband speeds - After cost, speed and consistency of this, is generally the most important aspect when choosing a broadband package. Faster speeds allow you to do more varied things online and enable you to stream movies, TV shows and music, to a superior quality. They typically come with a higher monthly price to provide you with this capability. Ensure you choose a broadband service that has the speed you require and check that you only sign up for the speed output you need, in order to keep the cost down

Check the contract length - Broadband contracts are usually either 12-, 18- or 24-month long fixed term timeframes, although a small amount of providers offer flexible rolling plans too. Longer contracts are not to be dismissed, as they often ensure that you’ll be paying a lower monthly price for a longer period of time. Being aware of your contract start and end date can abate early termination fees.

Keep setup costs in mind – Look into what costs are involved with the broadband package you have chosen. Setup costs typically include all the delivery, installation and activation costs you will have when buying a specific broadband package.