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The natural next step is comparing gas bottles. As there are a lot of suppliers throughout NZ, we can help find you better prices for gas bottles from our participating retailer rates.

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Most LPG retailers will also give you a refund for an unused gas bottle. Even if you've ordered a new gas bottle, now is the best time to switch.

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We have put together some helpful LPG FAQs about signing up or changing LPG companies.

Where in NZ is LPG supplied:

LPG is readily available and supplied to the following regions in New Zealand:

  • Auckland, Manukau, North Shore and Waitakere
  • Whangarei and Northland
  • Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, and Rotorua
  • Canterbury, Christchurch and Timaru
  • Dunedin and Otago
  • Gisborne
  • Greymouth and Hokitika
  • Hamilton, Waikato and Taupo
  • Hawkes Bay, Napier and Hastings
  • Invercargill, Gore and Southland
  • Manawatu, Whanganui and Palmerston North
  • Marlborough, Nelson and Blenheim
  • New Plymouth and Taranaki
  • Wellington, Wairarapa, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt

LPG Gas Bottle Companies / Suppliers in New Zealand:

Chat with Switchme to get deals from our participating LPG supplier for your property. Email us at or call 0800 179 482. We don't provide pricing from all the retailers below.

  • Genesis Energy – Easy ordering and duel fuel discounts. Call us, we have some great LPG rates for new customers. Switch your electricity too and get an even better deal
  • Frank Energy - Nationwide delivery.
  • Vector Ongas - A New Zealand owned company. In the business of supplying LPG safely and reliably to homes and businesses all over the country.
  • Contact Energy – In partnership with Rockgas. They deliver 45kg bottles to your door OR you can collect barbie sixed bottles from refuel stations.
  • Trustpower - Trustpower proudly provides power and gas bundles across most of New Zealand. These bundles are available for reticulated (plumbed) natural gas or LPG bottle home delivery and pickup service, depending on service availability.
  • Metro Gas - Metro Gas delivers LPG gas bottles on a swap basis for your BBQ, gas cooktop, indoor or outdoor heater direct to your door throughout the Auckland & Hamilton Regions
  • Matagas - Honest, Trustworthy guidance. Low, everyday LPG Gas Prices. Friendly service. Affordable payment options. New Cylinders for sale, Rent – available in Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga
  • Elgas - Your choice of Automatic Tanker Delivery or Exchange gas bottle services.
  • Getgas – Provides LPG/CO2 gas bottle deliveries in Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Rotorua, Coromandel Peninsula and more, with fast deliveries and safety first.

Information companies require when organising your LPG supply…

To get signed up for gas bottles, or if you're switching your provider we require the following the info

  • Full Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • DOB:
  • Number of bottles:
  • Size (ex 45kgs):
  • Property Address:
  • Bottle Location:
  • Drivers Licence number: 5b (version number on license):
  • Supply start date:

  • How do I add 45kg LPG bottles to my home?

    Adding LPG to your NZ home is easier than you think…..

    Follow these 4 easy steps

    1. Choose the LPG appliances you wish to have in your home
    2. Pre-purchase appliances so they can be connected as part of the LPG installation process – doing this means you will only need to have a gas fitter to your home once
    3. Contact, 0800 179 482, for a range of supplier comparisons, rates and great prices in your area. We can help you find a supplier to fit your needs and take the hassle out of organising this important decision for you
    4. Choose a licensed gas fitter and have your gas fittings and appliances installed

    How does LPG and bottle supply/delivery work?

    At Switchme we can advise and organise your LPG supplier for you! Please call 0800 179 482 and we can sort this for you in a matter of minutes.

    In New Zealand you are able to choose between LPG gas bottle delivery and exchange OR LPG tanker refill delivery.

    Generally with an exchange you will get two 45kg gas bottles. You simply need to call for re-delivery when one bottle has run out.

    With tanker delivery and refill, the gas bottles (be they large or varying in size) are secured at you location and do not need to be moved. Your supplier generally tracks you usage and schedules future tanker deliveries for you.

    Do you supply results from all LPG suppliers?

    We’re working hard to get more LPG retailers involved in our comparison service.

    We will happily compare your LPG pricing (and electricity) with our participating retailers. Please call us on 0800 179482 and we will run a direct comparison for you.

    Please note, our service is completely FREE, there is no obligation to switch providers. As always, we’ll do our best to help find you a better deal for your household.

    Where in NZ is LPG supplied in the Auckland region:

    LPG is readily available and supplied to the following regions in New Zealand:

    Auckland, Manukau, North Shore and Waitakere, Whangarei and Northland

    What are the benefits of using gas bottles?

    Some the main benefits include: A cleaner energy source – LPG produces less air pollutants then diesel, oil, wood or coal, and emits about 20% less CO2 than heating oil and 50% less than coal. A cost-effective energy source – With LPG gas bottles, you only pay for what you use, and not a drop more.

    Bottled Gas (LPG) Pricing

    Call our team on 0800 179 482 to discuss these further. We have some great pricing!