Five Power Hungry Home Appliances

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Reduce Electricity Bills by Targeting these Five Power Hungry Home Appliances

It’s always a good time to save money, but especially so during New Zealand’s colder months when heating bills are high. The good news? By targeting five different home appliances, you can start experiencing money savings today! Here’s how:

Clothes Dryers

A clothes dryer is indispensable – especially during the colder months when we can’t hang clothes outside to dry! Since you’re using it so regularly, this appliance is a great place to start applying money-saving tactics.

When using your clothes dryer, keep a close eye on it so that it doesn’t run any longer than necessary. Consult your owner’s manual for tips on load sizes to avoid overloading.

Want to really experience savings? Purchase a new model that is vented since they’re cheaper to run. Make sure that your new dryer is the most energy efficient that you can buy by comparing energy ratings.

Computers and Other Electronics

Spending more time inside during the cooler months usually means more time spent on electronics, too. Each piece of technology you own produces its own heat, which can quickly rack up your energy bill.

If you use your computer or another electronic device intermittently, start turning it off or using the “sleep” mode at least. At the end of each day, unplug them from the wall, too.

Electronics such as TVs and music systems are easy to turn off using their remotes. Although that will reduce your power consumption, they are still using electricity if the little red light remains on. Be sure to turn the device off at the wall for maximum cost savings.

Fridges and Freezers

Many of us keep our fridge or freezer open while searching for something to eat, which makes all the cold air pour out. Prevent this from happening by having a meal idea in mind before you open the door, which you should close as quickly as possible.

When shopping for your next fridge or freezer, avoid buying the wrong size since overfilling it will use more energy.

Washing Machines

Like your clothes dryer, an inefficiently run washing machine quickly racks up your power bill!

Take care to avoid overloading the machine so that less electricity is used. Your owner’s manual will help you choose the appropriate settings for each load, ensuring only the necessary amount of power and water are used. Using only cold water with an excellent detergent will mean less money spent on each load, too.

Reduce the time your clothes will spend in your dryer by using the highest spin cycle on everything except delicate items.

Thinking of replacing your machine? Keep in mind that a new washing machine should be energy efficient, be an appropriate size for your household’s needs and have high spin speeds.


When shopping for a new TV, remember that the bigger the screen is, the more power it will require.

An even better way to reduce your energy costs related to watching TV? Reduce your screen time!

By implementing our tips above, you will experience some cost-savings right away. To experience even greater savings, ensure you’re not overpaying on your energy costs. Use our free, online comparison calculator to find out if you could be saving more on your energy bill!