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Since 2009, Switchme have helped over 40,000 New Zealand businesses save a combined total of over $8 million on their power bills. We are the proven and trusted business energy resource.

Getting a better energy deal for your business is easier and faster than you think. Switchme can provide you with the best deal for your business for a one-off fee of $99.00. This will only be charged if we can beat your current deal. Great thing is, there one fee per customer, even if you have multiple ICPs/locations. Call us on 0800 179 482 or fill out the form.

What we need to start:

  • Contract end date: Please ensure you are out of contract with your current retailer – There may be a fee for leaving your contract earlier.
  • New rates: Please send us new rates if you have received them. This will help us to provide you with an accurate comparison
  • Leave it to us: We will send the best quote we receive
  • Let us know: Use our quote as ammo to get a better deal from your current retailer OR switch to another supplier that has provided us with the best/cheapest offer for your business energy needs.

Once you have provided all the information required, our business specialists will take your details and complete a rates comparison. We will send you the best quote!

You can then review the offer and let us know if you would like to make the move. When you decide to make the move, our team will manage your request to completion.

Previously Switchme offered business comparisons for free, like our residential deals. However, with changes to the way retailers supply their pricing and an increase in the available providers, thorough comparisons are taking more time to compile and it has become unsustainable to offer this service for free.

Give our Business Team a call now on 0800 179 482! Easiest way to compare and switch power companies.

About Switchme for Business:

In 2011, Switchme was selected by The Electricity Authority of New Zealand to be the exclusive provider of business energy quotes for the 'What's My Number?' campaign, helping over 5,000 kiwi businesses save on their commercial energy bills.

Our business consultants are all energy industry experts with extensive knowledge in pricing, contracts, plans, metering, and negotiating the best deal to meet the needs of all business types.

Give our Business Team a call now on 0800 179 482! Easiest way to compare and switch power companies.

Moving or setting up a new connection for your business? - We can help.

Moving business can be a busy and stressful time at best.

Often important things like utilities can be overlooked, and sticking with your existing retailer may no longer provide you with the best deal.

Switchme makes moving your business a little easier by allowing you to compare retailers to find the best deal for your new site, switching you to the new retailer and ensuring that the power supply is maintained.

Call us on 03 371 9451 or fill out the form on this page.

Our business and quoting service:

We at Switchme really value our user's experiences. Feedback shared by our users are listed below:

  • The Switchme Team were extremely helpful. I phoned because I couldn't get the comparison and quotes up on my computer. Since talking to you we have decided to switch to another energy retailer. Great work guys - keep it up as it will certainly help a lot of companies.
  • Thanks for providing this energy comparison service, its a useful and time saving tool.
  • This is a fantastic, easy tool and I was most impressed at the professionalism and knowledge of Scott, who I spoke to today! Thanks so much for your help!
  • Thank you for supplying the quotes for our company. This is a very helpful service, it has saved me considerable time and effort to source the best power provider.
  • This is the best thing to happen to the electricity industry ever. Very clear and easy to use.
  • Excellent website for a small business to save money, thank you.
  • Our company was in the process of reviewing our five power contracts and we were wondering ''where to now?'' We found the Switchme comparison tool was so easy to follow. It saved us from making numerous emails and phone calls to various power companies. We entered a few details onto the website. A quick phone call with the Switchme Helpline sorted out any concerns. We were surprised to find that the variance between the highest priced bid and the lowest priced bid was just over $20k, per annum. A click of a button was all that was needed to confirm our preferred supplier. The new supplier has since made contact and we are processing that paperwork now. We would definitely recommend this process to any other businesses.
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