Compare and switch power companies in minutes...

Getting an energy quote is as easy as 1-2-3.

Switching to a new energy provider really is as easy as child's play. In only 3 steps you can enter your usage, view the best offers in the market available to suit your needs, and apply to be switched to a new retailer.

Switchme make it easy to view and compare offers from New Zealand Energy Retailers.

Step 1: Load Your Address and Usage Details.

Type in your address and consumption details from your bill. You can select as many meters as you need to input the details on your bill and can also specify the period length.

Don't have a bill handy, or are moving into a new property? No problem! Simply select "Estimate My Usage", indicate the number of people in your house and we'll figure it out based on estimated consumption and an uncontrolled meter set up.

Step 2: Review Your Results

Switchme will display offers from Retailers for supply to your property. Take your time to read the offers from each of the Retailers to choose the best offer for your needs and hit "SWITCH NOW" - Note, you cannot re-signup to another offer from your current retailer.

Step 3: Your Application.

Fill in your name, contact and property details and hit "SUBMIT"

Congratulations, You're all done! The information within your application will be delivered to your new retailer's customer service team for processing. They will then contact your directly. What's more, Switchme will keep an eye on your switch to ensure everything runs smoothly and are available at any time to answer any follow-up questions you might have.

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