3 Reasons to Reduce Peak Energy

3 Reasons To Reduce Peak Energy Use Now

You probably already know that it’s cheaper to use energy on off-peak times. But besides cost savings, did you know that there other benefits to off-peak energy use, too?

A recent report from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) outlines the many advantages associated with reducing peak energy use. Here are three of them.

The Environment Would Benefit

One of the main reasons why power companies still rely on their coal plants is to keep up with peak energy usage.

Coal plants create numerous environmental damages, including greenhouse gas emissions, mining destruction and waste generation.

Reducing peak energy use could decrease (and possibly eliminate) the need for coal plants, thus creating a much healthier environment for Kiwis to live in.

Fewer Infrastructure Upgrades Would be Needed

If peak demand was decreased, millions of dollars could be saved in the cost of electricity infrastructure.

Less strain being put on the electricity networks’ infrastructure (and thus eliminating “peak energy times”) would bring a reduction in infrastructure upgrades.

And since the majority of customised price path (CPP) applications to the Commerce Commission are to fund network upgrades, there should be fewer price increases, too.

Cheaper Electricity Could be Produced

Approximately half of New Zealand’s power companies’ costs are for maintaining their network’s capacity to deliver energy at peak times.

The report found that if more Kiwis made an effort to reduce their energy needs during peak times, the overall cost of supplying electricity to New Zealand households could be reduced by $30 million annually.

Achieving Better Energy Efficiency Starts with YOU!

There are several ways you can help the New Zealand government achieve its goal of having 100 percent renewable electricity by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050. Here are some of them:

  • Program your appliances to run overnight, rather than in the evening
  • Switch your incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs to LED
  • Install a heat pump for more efficient space heating
  • Charge your electric vehicle at off-peak times
  • Use energy-efficient products and appliances

Simply being more aware of your household’s energy usage is a great place to start when trying to become more energy efficient. And when it comes time to replacing bulbs or other household products, consider the long-term running costs rather than just the initial expense.

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